Pointpal Connect

Connect with your Customers in a single click

Pointpal Connect replaces paper and plastic cards so you can connect with your customers in a whole new way.

  • Passes are distributed via a single click in Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS or by scanning a QR code on in-store posters or print ads.
  • Pass details can be updated in real-time as offers and campaigns change.
  • You can prompt the pass to display by time, date or location parameters – Like an sms or push message, it appears magically on the phones lock screen when triggered.
  • One simple swipe from the lock screen accesses the pass and connects you to your customer.
  • With a range of pass types available we can deliver the perfect solution for your business. Pass types include: o Event ticketing o Coupons o Membership cards o Transport tickets o Stored value cards o Stamp & points cards
  • Beacon ready for a seamless online to offline experience for your customers.
  • Monitor your campaigns in real time & get detailed insights into campaign performance and effectiveness.

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Pico Retail Cloud

Legacy POS systems are stifling retail innovation. But the cost of replacing or upgrading POS systems and training staff on a new system can be cost prohibitive for many retailers.

Introducing the PiCo Retail Cloud. A smart, simple solution for any POS.

Now you can unlock the data you are already collecting, without upgrading your hardware, installing new software or changing current cashier practices in your retail outlets.

When you plug in PiCo, you access your trading data in real-time. Track live sales performance. Manage stock levels. Use this data to make faster decisions around promotions, stock and logistics. Delight your customers with personalised promotions delivered at the checkout.

Control your POS remotely and in real time. You can access your stores data from any web browser. Improve your customer relationships. Better manage your stock control. Make informed business decisions.

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